Songs from my past (since I haven't recorded in many years). In no particular order.

Tandm - Max and Tom - 2000
Tom Lee and myself recorded these three in 2000. Fun. I am at fault for the drum programming on the two with drums; thankfully for Long Time Comin Tony Barajas played with us, sparing listeners the pain of my poor drum programming skills :p. Tom played rhythm and and melody on these, I did rhythm, leads, bass and the 'great' drum programming. Tony Barajas did drums on Long Time Comin.
Long Time Comin Named for the 3 months it took us to complete the song.
Reunion This was the first time Tom and I had recorded in 8 years or so.
Night On The Town Reminded me of being out on the town, maybe because my drum programming can only be appreciated by someone who is drunk. :p
Gary and Louie - 1996
This band was made of Gary Denslow, Louie Denslow, and two other people I unfortunately can't remember the name of. Louie played guitar, Gary bass. These recordings were from a practice session I recorded of theirs in 1996, weren't intended to be anything more than a record of their practice .. the sound quality and mix are listenable but not very good. I felt it was well worth it to post them as the performances are excellent .. worth listening to! :)

Unfortunately the band broke up before they did any gigging, which is a real tragedy. My role on these was purely recording their practice.
It's Not Love Great riffs and nice vocals. Unfortunately the micing did not pick up the bass very well, which is too bad because Gary's bass playing is excellent in my opinion.
Shoot 'Em Down More great playing/singing with a nice guitar break by Louie in the middle and at the end.
George + former backup singers
Around 1998 I played guitar in a funk band. George was a bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist in that group, quite a talented performer. This was a song George wrote that he wanted to put to tape so he wouldn't forget it .. more than a scratch tape, but definitely nothing polished. I think the song is a good one and the backup vocalists do a nice job as well.
George did all the performing on this (minus the backup vocals). I just did the recording.
Summer Time A song about summer in Washington, DC.
Cadaver Symposium (Did a small project with the guitarist)
I actually started off with Cadaver Symposium with the intention of recording a demo for them. This was one of the very few times I actually got paid for recording. Unfortunately the band broke up half way through the recording (surprise, surprise) so Yiloiz Santiago (the guitarist and primary songwriter at the time) and I redid the songs with him playing bass, rhythm guitar, drums, and doing the vocals and me just doing a few guitar solos and recording the songs. Another very fun project.
Come As You Are Not a romantic song about love .. a challenge :)
Leave Me Some people just don't tolerate people they don't like well
Overcome Not a hippie song!
Loneliness Yes, even grindcore musicians get lonely.
Disposables (a band I was in briefly in 1995)
This band was made of Tony Barajas, Dave Schleff, and me. Dave wrote the lyrics and the basic riffs for the songs, then I would flesh out the music based on his ideas. Dave sang lead on all the songs and played the rythym on "See you in Hell." Tony played the drums and did backup vocals, and I did the bass, the guitar, and the recording. All these were recorded in Tony's basement over the course of a week on my (long deceased) Tascam cassette-based multi-track recorder.

Tony and Dave were a lot of fun to play with and I like the songs we did.

Spiders On the Wall This is what happens when you do drugs. Drugs are bad, m'kay?
Into the Fire Not a Dokken cover, thankfully. No, a serious song about burning ;).
See You In Hell Dave telling us what he thinks of the state of the world and of people in general. Oh yes, pay no attention to the dings at the end .. super genius (me) was clicking my mouse while I was transferring the song to MP3 ... then I managed to lose the original ... no do overs! Akk!
Sterile Pain Seems like David didn't much like pain either, no matter now clean it was!

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