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Projects, code, and patches
  • Nagios stuff - links to the site that talks about the Nagios book I helped write and other Nagios-related code.
  • Nmap::Scanner - a perl library to make it easy to integrate nmap scans into a perl program. Mentioned briefly in Fyodor's book on nmap as well as Angela Orebaugh's book on nmap (Syngress).
  • Nagios::Plugin::SNMP - a perl library to help Nagios users write SNMP-based Nagios plugins. Stable versions available via CPAN, latest source code available on Git Hub.
  • Schedule::Week - a perl class that makes it easy to create, manipulate, serialize, and deserialize an hour-based weekly schedule. Stable versions available via CPAN, latest source code available on Git Hub.
  • LMF - Log Monitoring Framework - a perl-based program that monitors log files and takes actions based on matched patterns, very useful to help stop brute force and other kinds of attacks on servers.
  • Cacinda - a PHP-based project designed to help users of Cacti create aesthetically pleasing and useful dashboards combining data from Cacti, Nagios, and live SNMP data.
  • OS Commerce patches - a small collection of patches I created while doing integration work with OS Commerce several years ago.
  • Cacti stuff - a few proof of concept files I did (includes an SNMP v3 class) while helping add SNMP v3 support to Cacti along with a few Cacti check / ingest scripts.
  • Ensim scripts - a collection of scripts I created a few years ago to help system administrators automate and administer Ensim-based hosts.
  • Command-line utilities - miscellaneous command line utilities I have written that I have found very useful while administering Linux and Unix-based systems.

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